Vascular Dementia

Vascular Dementia is a dementia impairment occurring after cerebrovascular, hemorrhagic or ischemic accidents. It’s a dementia with a sudden onset and a stepwise decline. Clinically, it’s characterized by fluctuating symptomatology, nocturnal confusion and emotional lability. The cognitive decline is defined by reduced capabilities to environmental adaptation, reduced family interesting and interpersonal relationships, reduced intellectual capabilities, in particular about critical functions and judgment, difficulties with problem solving, short-term memory loss, frequent disorientation in time and place and inverted sleep/wake cycles. This progressive deteriorating condition leads to a total incapability to self-care autonomously.

What to do

To book FIRST LEVEL visits, contact the regional toll free call center:
Tel. 800638638

For SECOND LEVEL visits, with a specialised physician contact these numbers:
Tel. 0255038645
Tel. 0255038646

Before booking the visit, please make sure you have your physician’s (Specialists or GP) Health Service Authorization that specifically certifies a request for a visit to Neurologist.

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