Department of Neurology-Stroke Unit

The  Department of Neurology and Stroke Unit represent a new and functional facility in the urban context and was recently built (September 2010). Located on the 7th floor of a modern structure, it offers 12 + 4 (Stroke Unit) inpatient beds that can be implemented when requested. It is equipped with efficient instruments for neurophysiologic, neuropsychological, and cerebrovascular evaluations, offering also Day Hospital services (DH) and MAC (outpatient ambulatory) for the different neurodegenerative and neuromuscular diseases, complemented with large databases, both clinical and biological (BioBank for samples). Availing itself of modern neuroradiological instruments (MR 3 and 1.5 Tesla as well as CT and angiography), it offers a sophisticated diagnostic also of sleep disorders. Particular attention is devoted to the vascular pathology in the field of the national ictus-focused study programs, offering both venous and arterial trombolysis.

Our laboratory is in charge of the following pathologies